Group Scrum Board

Group Scrum Board
Group Scrum Board

The group scrum board answers the executive question: What am I buying? Am I paying too much?

Each row is a product or service for the company, supported by an agile team or team of teams.

Each column is a sprint.

Each cell tells us the sprint goal, money spent that sprint, and money made that sprint. Yes, money made per sprint is an approximation, the heat pump team on a Tesla Model Y requires some calculations and approximations to determine the value in terms of total Model Y sales from just the heat pump. But this approximation is necessary.

Each column reminds us the first pass yield or overall product quality for the business in that sprint.

Executive actins: Am I buying the wrong thing? Call for MetaScrum.

Am I paying too much? Attend Scrum of Scrums to collect organizational impediments. Then call for MetaScrum to have impediment removal pulled by your teams to fix the problems.

MetaScrum is an executive meeting to fund work, which is prioritization. It includes all product owners and is visible to all staff, who participate by lobbying their product owners, often through video or text chat.

Scrum of Scrums is an executive meeting with all Scrum Masters to receive impediments, or frustration or slow down points, gathered by the company Scrum Masters.