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“Agile” and “Scrum” are often used in system development, but in fact, the “Scrum” framework is effective for any job. It is already commonly used by many international companies such as in the United States and Europe.

“Scrum”, is one of the agile methods.
We divide the project into short periods of several weeks, and within that short period we carry out a series of tasks from planning, execution, testing to completion. It is a framework that completes a project step by step while repeating the work of completing a part.

CSM / CSPO Qualification Seminar

Training, including a two-day hands-on workshop, provides a curriculum to help you learn how to operate from the basics of Scrum.

Leadership workshop

Learning for leaders to evaluate and implement agile principles in your organization and the important role of leadership in achieving them.

Agile training and implementation support

We will support you according to your needs such as launching an agile team and improving operations.

Scrum Alliance® Certified Online Class

Certified Scrum Master® 
An introductory course for those who want to play the role of Scrum Master or Scrum Team Member. Learn the Scrum framework and understand team roles, events and products.

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Certified Scrum Product Owner® 
A more advanced course that builds on the Certified Scrum Master course. For those who are closest to the “business side” of the project.
Learn the Scrum framework and understand the realization of your product vision.

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Certified Scrum Trainer

Joe Justice

Many business people say that software has so much innovation that it eats the world. But it’s not software that eats the world. It is agile that is eating the world. Software companies are just a few of the first companies to become agile and achieve fast releases. Agile works in all industries, not just software.
As a Certified Scrum Trainer ®️, we support the introduction of Scrum and train Scrum Masters in more than 20 countries around the world. Joe Justice has experience in teaching Scrum at companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, Tesla, Toyota Motor Corporation, NEC, and KDDI. He also founded Wikispeed in the United States, which manufactures cars with a passion for mechanical engineering. In 2011, as a global automobile manufacturer, Wikispeed exhibited at the North American International Auto Show. Joe is also a speaker at and has lectures on behalf of Google and Microsoft, as well as a special lecturer at MIT, Oxford University, and UC Berkeley. These Scrum initiatives are also be featured in media outlets such as Forbes Magazine, Harvard Business Review, Discovery Channel, Nikkei, and Asahi Shimbun.

We are active in more than 20 countries around the world.

We provide training and coaching to top Scrum teams and industry leaders around the world.

More than 10,000 people have taken our certification training

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